I genuinely have lost count of how many people came to my car wash shop asking me to wash their car after getting a tinted windshield and windows.

So, I have first-hand experience washing tinted windows, and here are some of my expert tips on how to wash tinted car windows without damaging them.

Can I Wash My Car After Tinting?

Yes, you can wash your car after the curing period (48 to 72 hours) of tinting your windows with mild soap and detergent set to a low-pressure setting flow of water to rinse your car.

Here is my expert advice: Avoid high-pressure water and harsh chemicals with any abrasive or acidic cleaning products.

Can I Wash My Car After Tinting

Step-by-Step Guide to Wash Tinted Car Windows

1. Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Before you start washing your car, make sure you have the right cleaning products.

Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners or any abrasive materials that can scratch the tinted film.

Instead, use a mild soap or a dedicated window cleaner that is safe for tinted windows. You can find these cleaners at your local auto parts store or online and buy them via our shop.

2. Rinse the Exterior of the Car

Take a hose or a pressure washer and start rinsing the car thoroughly with water to remove any loose dirt or debris.

You can do this easily, there’s no specific formula to it, but do it efficiently.

3. Wash Your Car

Once you have rinsed the car, it’s time to wash it.

  • Fill a bucket with water and add the soap or window cleaner.
  • Take a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth to wash the car.
  • Start at the top of the car and work your way down, rinsing the sponge or cloth frequently to avoid scratching the tinted film.

4. Rinse the Car Again

Now that your car is covered with shampoo and cleaning products lather, rinse it again with water to remove any soap or cleaner residue.

Make sure you rinse the car thoroughly and try paying extra attention to the windows.

5. Dry the Car

After that is done, use a soft, clean towel or a chamois to dry your car.

Don’t use abrasive materials that can scratch the tinted film, instead, I recommend you buy a Double Sided Microfiber Car Wash Mitts from our shop in case you haven’t got one.

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Whatโ€™s the Right Time to wash tinted windows after getting tinted?

The right time to wash tinted windows after getting tinted is after the curing period which is usually 2-4 days.

Basically, the curing period is the time it takes for the tint film to fully adhere to the glass and this timing can change depending on the type of tint and the weather conditions.

Let’s say if I were in Los Angeles, I would expect it to be over in 2 days time, but when I am in Glasgow with 1,207.42 mm of rain annually, it can take much longer.

Can I wash my car 2 days after Tint?

Yes, you can wash your car after two days of getting your windows tinted. 2 days is sufficient timing for the tinted film to fully adhere to the glass and reduce the risk of bubbles or peeling.

Precautions and Steps to Take to Protect Your Window Tints

1. Wait for the Curing Period

After getting your windows tinted, you should wait for the curing period before washing your car.

The curing period is usually around 48 to 72 hours and sometimes it can take up to 4 days (96 hrs).

2. Use a Gentle Stream of Water

Please use a gentle stream of water to avoid damaging the tint film.

I have seen many of my clients come back to repair after they use a high-pressure wash.

3. Use a Soft Cloth or Sponge

Another mistake, most people make is using a harsh cloth or sponge to wash their car.

When washing your car, use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the tint film.

A microfiber cloth is a good choice for cleaning your car’s windows.

4. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Use a mild soap or detergent to clean your car’s windows Ammonia-free window cleaners are a good option.

We also use this for our car wash shop and have used it in over 100+ cars. So, we can vouch for it.

5. Dry Your Car Properly

Not only it attract dust, but it can lead to water spots or streaks on the tint film if you do not dry it properly.

Can exposure to water affect newly tinted car windows?

Yes, exposure to water can and will affect newly tinted car windows, especially during the curing process.

I have seen this countless times with my clients, who don’t have much knowledge about cars come to my shop to wash their cars and I always make them wait 2-3 days for it.

Just don’t do it, wait till they are properly adhered to.

Appropriate Timing to clean the inside of tinted windows

I would ask you to wait for at least a week before cleaning the inside of the tinted windows.

Hot Water for Cleaning Tinted Windows

Absolutely No. Avoid using hot water to wash or dry your car, as it will damage the tint film.

I speak with first-hand experience regarding this matter. Just common sense here – hot melts and tints will melt from your windows, neither too cold nor below 25 degrees.

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