How Much is a Car Wash?

Our Manual hand car wash costs from $20 to $30, while single automatic washes range from $7 to $20. Full-service packages are available from $30 to $60, with additional amenities incurring extra charges.

How Much Does a Car Wash Cost Pricing

The cost of a car wash depends on several factors, including the type of car wash, the additional services you choose, and the location of the car wash.

For example, a touchless car wash may be more expensive than a traditional hand car wash, but it may also be more effective at removing dirt and grime from your vehicle.

We have additional services like waxing, tire shining, and interior cleaning at an extra cost of course. Use our calculator to calculate your service cost along with our full car valet prices.

Our Cash Wash Pricing

We’ve compiled a table outlining our average costs of different types of car washes:

Type of Car WashAverage Cost
Manual DIY Wash$20 – $30
Automated Wash$7 – $20
Full-Service Wash$30 – $60

Note that our service and prices can vary and change according to vehicle types, additional services, etc

Types of Car Washes

We offer several types of services to choose from that best suit your needs.

Hand Car Wash

Our hand car wash service is where my team and I use our hands with specialized tools and cleaning solutions to shine your car.

We would recommend this option if you want a more personalized cleaning experience, and they are often able to clean your car more thoroughly than a machine.

Self-Serve Car Wash

We also have a self-serve cash wash system.

Here is how it works: You wash your own car using our equipment, but It can be time-consuming and require more effort on your part.

Drive-Through Automatic Car Wash

  • Drive your vehicle into our shop
  • Your vehicle may undergo a pre-wash stage to remove loose dirt and debris. (depends on the package)
  • My team will guide you to a conveyor belt
  • After the washing process, a final rinse to remove any remaining soap or cleaning agents.
  • We Air dryer or hand-towel for a spot-free finish.

Full-Service Car Wash

My attendants will guide your car through the automated wash tunnel and also provide extras like hand drying and a more comprehensive cleaning experience.

Mobile Car Wash

If you are busy or live in a remote area, we will send a van equipped with tools and water to your location to clean your car on demand.

Prices can be a bit more expensive than usual drive-in wash depending on the location and wash types with additional services like waxing and polishing.

Unlimited Car Wash Memberships

Be a loyal customer and receive discounts and offers from time to time. Well, we have multiple memberships and Unlimited car wash memberships allow you to pay a monthly fee to wash your car an unlimited number of times at any of our locations.

Visit this link for an appointment and we will get back to you with our membership plans.

Our Membership Plans

Car Wash Memberships

Automatic Car Wash Memberships

Tier 1 โ€“ Silver


  • Exterior wash using high-quality soap
  • Hand drying with microfiber towels
  • Tire and wheel cleaning
  • Window cleaning

$15/mo +tax

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Tier 2 โ€“ Bronze


  • Everything included in Tier 1
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Interior surface wipe-down
  • Dashboard and console cleaning

$25/mo +tax

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Tier 3 โ€“ Gold


  • Everything included in Tier 2
  • Hand wax application for added shine and protection
  • Deeper interior cleaning, including upholstery spot treatment
  • Air freshener application

$33/mo +tax

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Tier 4 – Diamond

Everything included in Tier 3

Engine bay cleaning

Headlight restoration

$49/mo +tax

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What is the Average Price Range for a Full-Service Car Wash?

A full-service car wash can range anywhere from $30 to $60 per visit depending on the location, size of your vehicle, and the level of service you choose such as exterior washing, interior cleaning, and tire shining.

How Often Do We Recommend to Have Your Car Washed for Optimal Maintenance?

It’s generally recommended to have your car washed every two weeks to maintain its appearance and protect its paint.

But this can change and differ on a variety of factors, including your location, driving habits, and the weather conditions in your area.

For instance, I live in a dry area, so it’s not needed much for me and I wash my car every other week unless it rains and accumulates a lot of dirt.

If you are in need of an affordable car wash membership, the Silver Plan is your best bet starting at just $15/month for automatic wash

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