As a car owner and a car wash owner, I am fully qualified to answer your question. A full car valet is indeed a great way to give your car a deep clean, a bit different from the standard wash.

How Much is a Full Car Valet UK?

On average, a full car valet (interior and exterior) in UK costs around £90 – £150 for a medium-sized car depending on the size of the vehicle, the level of detail required, and the location of the car cleaning service. A mini valet will cost around £20 and Engine Valet of £23.

Our Valet ServiceDescriptionPrice
Interior ValetClean and dust dashboard instruments and centre console.
Vacuum seats and carpets.
Shampoo and clean seats, carpets, and upholstery.
Clean interior mirrors and windows.
Exterior ValetWash, pressure wash, rinse, and dry bodywork.
Polish full bodywork.
Clean wheels, wheel arches, trims, and bumpers.
Polish door shuts and exterior mirrors.
Mini ValetWash and dry wheels, tyres, and bodywork.
Vacuum interior seats and carpets.
Dust and clean dashboard and trims.
Clean interior and exterior glass.
Engine ValetPre-spray bonnet and engine shuts with degreaser.
Pressure wash engine bay.
Full Car ValetComprehensive exterior and interior cleaning.
Includes bodywork wash, polish, wheel cleaning, and interior vacuuming.
Shampoo and clean seats, carpets, and upholstery.
Dress plastic trims and door rubbers.
Convertible Soft Top ValetThorough cleaning of convertible roof.
Application of convertible roof protector.
Wash and dry exterior paintwork, dress tyres.
M9Carwash LifeshineComplete valet with paintwork decontamination and cleaning.
Application of Lifeshine on interior and exterior.
Silver ValetEnhanced exterior and interior cleaning.
Includes ceramic-based liquid polish for water repellency.
Wiping of interior panels and cleaning of internal windows.
£50 – £100
Gold ValetPremium exterior and interior treatment.
Removal of tar deposits and paintwork contamination.
Application of carnauba wax for a glossy finish.
Cleaning and dressing of leather seats and plastic surfaces.
£110 – £150
How Much is A Full Car Valet in UK

How to Book Professional Car Valeters Near You?

Here is a step-by-step guide to book a professional car valet:

  1. Visit M9CarWash Valet
  2. Click on the “Book an Appointment” button
  3. Select one of the available Valet packages
  4. Use the available form to contact and inquire about their services and pricing.
  5. Confirm your booking
  6. Arrive on time and leave your car with us for the duration of the valet.

When you come back, my team and I will shine your car and you can leave the place with a dazzling car for an affordable cost.

Why Get a Full Car Valet Service With Us?

  1. Improved Appearance: My team will work on your car to make it look shiny and new. My team will clean every nook and cranny of your car, from the inside out. This includes everything from the exterior bodywork to the wheels, windows, and interior upholstery. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference a professional clean can make.
  2. Longevity: Did you know regular valeting can help extend the life of your car? Basically, Dirt and grime can build up over time and this can cause damage to your car’s paintwork and interiors.
  3. Value: If you ever wanna sell your car, you’ll be able to get a better price.
  4. Convenience: Getting your car valeted by our experts at M9 Car Wash is a convenient way to keep your car in top condition. We’ll come to you, so you don’t have to worry about finding the time to take your car to a garage or car wash. And our team of experts will take care of everything, so you can sit back and relax.
  5. Health: A clean car is a healthy car. Over time, dirt and bacteria can build up in your car’s interiors, causing bad odors and potentially even health problems.

My team is the best at Car Valet and has been cleaning for the past 5+ years and we will not disappoint you.

Full Car Valet Services in the UK

At M9carwash car cleaning services, we offer both interior and exterior valet packages that will leave your car looking like new.

Interior Valeting

Our full interior valet package includes

  • Thorough vacuum of the carpets and seats
  • Cleaning and shampooing of the upholstery, dashboard and plastics
  • Leather treatment to keep your seats looking fresh.
  • Clean the door shut to remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time.

Exterior Valeting

M9Carwash full exterior valet package includes

  • Deep clean the paintwork to remove any dirt or tar spots
  • Clay bar treatment to remove any contaminants
  • Apply a layer of wax or ceramic coat for paint protection and finish with polishing
  • Clean the windows and wheel arches to complete the exterior cleaning.

Additional Services

  • Engine bay clean
  • Steam cleaning, and
  • HD wax to elevate the quality of your valet.

Our Valet Service Locations

Our services are available in various locations across the UK, just give us a quick call or contact us and we will get back to you.

We are located in Central London and various other locations across the UK. Our team of specialists is fully insured and trained, so you can trust us to take care of your car, no matter where you are.

To book an appointment, simply email us at or call us at +44 8787872192. We’re open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, so you can schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you.

Our prices start from £40, so you have no excuse for that dirty car!

How Long Does Our Full Car Valet Take?

The duration for a full car valet can vary, typically taking anywhere between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.

When it comes to our full car valet service, we prioritize thoroughness and attention to detail.

During this process, Jay will clean every nook and cranny of the vehicle meticulously from vacuuming and washing to buffing and polishing.

Additional Costs to consider Booking a Full Car Valet

M9Carwash don’t have any hidden charges that you wouldn’t know.

I have seen first hand experiences of many valeting companies claim to have “no hidden charges,” but did have extra fees and add-ons.

This is common sense but larger vehicles such as SUVs or vans will generally cost more to valet than smaller cars. This is because larger vehicles take longer to clean both inside and out, and require more supplies and equipment to complete the job.

Another factor that we may consider during the pricing estimate is the condition of your vehicle. If your car is particularly dirty or has not been cleaned in a long time, it may require additional time and effort to get it looking its best.

You can use our Car Wash Pricing Estimate Calculator for that.

Benefits of Opting for Our Full Car Valet over a Standard Clean

  1. Thorough cleaning: Our full car valet includes a comprehensive cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your car including the dashboard, seats, carpets, and all upholstery. The exterior will also be pressure washed, rinsed and dried, with the wheels and wheel arches pressure washed, wheels cleaned and dressed, and exterior trims and bumpers dressed and cleaned. This level of cleaning is not possible with a standard clean.
  2. Protection: We also have Full bodywork polish, exterior trims and bumpers are also dressed and cleaned, door rubbers are dressed to prevent them from drying out and cracking.
  3. Time-saving: Yes, i understand that a full car valet can take most of the day, but it’s a time-saving option in the long run.

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