CarPlan Ultra Wax & Wash Car Shampoo, 5 L

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CarPlan Car Wash Shampoo and Wax Protective Layer.


  1. ADVANCED CLEANING: Effortlessly eliminate dirt, grime, and stains for a pristine finish.
  2. PROTECTIVE WAX LAYER: Guard your car against future damage with our innovative wax formula.
  3. pH NEUTRAL FORMULA: Safe for all paint finishes, including clear coats and metallics.
  4. EASY APPLICATION: Simply add to water, wash, and rinse for a sparkling shine.
  5. SHOWROOM RESULTS: Achieve a streak-free finish and a showroom-worthy appearance.
  6. 5L CONTAINER: Generous size ensures long-lasting use for multiple car washes.
  7. PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Trusted by car enthusiasts and detailing professionals alike.

This 5L container holds a high-performance cleaning solution designed to eradicate dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from your vehicle’s paintwork.

Our specially formulated shampoo not only cleans but also lays down a protective wax layer, guarding your car against future damage.

Crafted with a pH-neutral formula, our shampoo ensures compatibility with all paint finishes, including clear coats and metallics. Experience hassle-free application – just add to a bucket of water, wash your car, and rinse for a glistening, like-new finish.


2 reviews for CarPlan Ultra Wax & Wash Car Shampoo, 5 L

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    Rahul Singh

    My first time ordering outside of Amazon and was skeptical but works out fine. Thanks

  2. Avatar

    Ian Salpod

    The packaging was really nice and the product was as to be expected.

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